Progressive Editions (PE) has established itself as an international distributor and publisher of quality fine art imagery to over 3000 galleries. Since its inception 25 years ago, this Canadian based company has emerged as a leading source for unique artwork for art galleries, corporate consultants and design clientele.

Representing more than 70 international, contemporary artists, PE's collection consists of original paintings in a variety of art media as well as original limited edition prints.

As artist agents, PE fosters the creative development of innovative styles, techniques and subject matter. Conscious of attaining international recognition for artists, PE's broad based networks have placed artists' work in both corporate and private art collections across Asia, Europe and North America.

Acknowledging the changing tastes in today's contemporary art market, PE features larger scale art works to accommodate modern urban home design. In addition, PE has expanded their collection of original paintings versus original prints.

In order to provide expeditious customer service, new showroom facilities are available in 2 North American locations, one in Toronto, Canada and one in Buffalo, New York.